Get A Prescription From A Doctor Online

  1. Who is ScriptNet?

    ScriptNet is a simple and convenient medication prescription online service. ScriptNet is Australian owned, operated and based in Australia. All medical doctors in our ScriptNet team are registered and licensed in Australia and comply with Australian Law.

    Our mission is to provide our Australian public a fast, convenient, effective and efficient prescription online service at a competitive cost. ScriptNet will save you time, money and hassles if you have a busy life and can’t manage to see your regular doctor on time. We recognize the importance of face-to-face medical practice with your regular doctors. That is why our services are supplementary to that of your regular doctor’s medical consultations with you.

  2. What services does ScriptNet provide?

    We provide a quick, convenient and efficient online service for obtaining medical prescriptions. ScriptNet doctors assess your suitability for your medications by using our detailed questionnaire in conjunction with the accurate information in your "My Medical Record".

    We respect your confidentiality and privacy as well the convenience and your freedom of your medical needs through our ScriptNet website. In addition to our online services, we greatly encourage you to continue your ongoing medical care and needs with your own regular doctor.

  3. Does it cost any money when I register with ScriptNet?

    Registration with ScriptNet is free.

  4. What is ScriptNet fee?

    ScriptNet will charge you a low flat fee of $21.95 for a script up to two medications. We will charge a fee of $23.95 for an URGENT script.We guarantee that you will get your full refund if your ordered medication is declined by our ScriptNet doctors. You can be certain that all of the medical doctors working in our ScriptNet team are fully registered and licensed in Australia.

    Once your payment has been confirmed, our ScriptNet doctors will assess your suitability for your medications.Your ordered medication script is then Priority Posted directly to you or your chemist of your choice... or we will give you your money back!Scripts arrive within one and three working days via the Australian Priority Post. If you order an Urgent script, it will be faxed directly to the chemist or pharmacy of your choice on the same day that your scripts are approved by our ScriptNet doctors.

  5. How do I order a medication prescription online?

    You can order a medication script online by completing four easy and simple steps:

    1. Login to "My Medical Record".
    2. Select your medications.
    3. Answer a Questionnaire.
    4. Complete your online payment.

    Our ScriptNet doctors will assess your suitability for your ordered medications. Your medication scripts will be sent directly to you or your chemist by email or fax or mail of your choice. We may contact you for further information if needed when assessing your suitability for your ordered medications.

  6. How long does it take to receive our ordered scripts via email or fax?

    When your online payment is confirmed, your medication script will be then assessed by our ScriptNet doctors and delivered to your email or faxed directly to the chemist or pharmacy of your choice within 24 and 48 hours from the time that your scripts are approved by our ScriptNet doctors.

  7. How long does it take to receive an ordered script via mail?

    If you would like us to post your ordered scripts you or your chemist, you will receive it in mail within one and three working days via Australian Priority Post.

  8. Can I get a medical certificate from ScriptNet?

    No, ScriptNet does not provide medical certificates.

  9. How long does it take to receive my refund if my script is declined by ScriptNet doctors?

    If your ordered medication scripts are declined by our ScriptNet doctors, we guarantee that we will refund the cost for your ordered script. Your refund will be reversed back to your original credit card via the secure online credit payment gateway. The refund may take up to five working days to appear on your credit card statement.

  10. 10. Can I save time by ordering my scripts directly from "My Medical Record", instead of going through the questionnaires for each of my medications again?

    Yes, you can save time by ordering your scripts directly from your Medications in your “My Medical Record” if there are no new changes to your last answer of our Questionnaire.

  11. Is it my responsibility and obligation to see my own doctor if I have any problems with my medications?

    Yes, it is your own responsibility and personal obligation to see your regular doctors if you have any problems or concerns with your medications. We highly recommend that you should do so to safe guard your health and your concerns. When you see your regular doctor face to face in his room, he can review your problems or concerns and order appropriate tests accordingly to ensure that your health is well looked after.

  12. How reliable are ScriptNet services?

    Our ScriptNet services are very reliable. Our whole team is continually working very hard to ensure that we can provide you and your family with a quick, convenient and efficient script online service at a low cost. We will save you time, money and hassles when you can’t get to see your regular doctor on time.

  13. How important is "My Medical Record"?

    Your "My Medical Record" is very important. It helps you and us to keep an accurate record for your health as well as help our ScriptNet doctors to determine the suitability and appropriateness of your ordered medications. Therefore, we highly recommend that you continuously update any changes in your personal information and data in your file.

  14. Does ScriptNet keep my credit card details?

    No, ScriptNet will not keep or store your credit card details. We use a third party secure online banking to process your payment online to ensure the safety and security of your credit card data and information.

  15. What type of payment does ScriptNet accept?

    We accept all Credit Cards. Your payment will be all processed online with our secure banking system.

  16. Can I remove “My Medical Record” at any time?

    Yes, you can remove or delete your “My Medical Record” at any time as you wish. However, we highly advise that you should not do so, because it is essential for ScriptNet doctors to use your “My Medical Record” to provide you and your family a safe and appropriate online script service.

  17. What do I do if you have not received my scripts after I have paid my fee to ScriptNet service?

    If you have not received your ordered scripts within the specified time, please contact us and let us know so that we can re-issue or re-send you your ordered scripts.

  18. What do I do if I lost my ScriptNet scripts within 3 months?

    If that occurs, please contact us immediately so that we can re-issue or re-send you your scripts from your ordered history file.

  19. Where can I use ScriptNet services?

    You can use ScriptNet services anywhere in Australia or overseas. All you require is internet access via your computer, smart phone or tablet, and a simple visit to our website.

  20. What are the opening hours of the ScriptNet service?

    ScriptNet is an online service. You and your family can access and use our ScriptNet online service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week including all public holidays. We will endeavour to provide and deliver our service to you and your family as fast and efficient as we can.

  21. What happens if I am after a medication that is not listed on your website?

    We cannot provide you a medication script if that medication is not listed in our website. However, our ScriptNet team continues to work very hard to expand our large medication list so that you and your family can access to our convenient and efficient online service at any time.

  22. Why should I be able to have a simple medical transaction online?

    Due to the shortage of doctors, the aging population and the increasing pressure on the health workforce, every effort needs to be made to reduce the health cost burden to the country. ScriptNet team is working very hard to provide an affordable and effective service supplement to our traditional health care system. Patients will not have to wait for their appointment for simple matters, or travel a long distance incurring high expenses. Instead, they can have these matters solved at a low cost to the individual, their family and the community.

  23. Can I use the ScriptNet service when I am overseas?

    Yes, you and your family can use our ScriptNet service when you are overseas. As long as you have access to internet, you can visit our website and order your scripts.

  24. Will ScriptNet prescribe narcotic and controlled medications?

    No, narcotic and controlled substances will not be prescribed by ScriptNet. It is inappropriate to prescribe any such medications in this manner due to the potential for addiction and misuse. Conditions which may be appropriately treated with such medications are best managed by a regular general practitioner in a normal office or consultation room setting.

  25. What can I do when I need a blood test or medical imaging?

    You need to see your regular doctor to have a blood test and/or medical imaging. We highly advise that you ask your regular doctor about those tests when you visit him or her in his or her medical practice.